Why The 614 Condo Store?
You have many options when deciding who should represent you in the sale of your Condo in Columbus, Ohio. This video will explain "Why" you should choose The 614 Condo Store.
The Market: Columbus
A brief overview about life in Columbus. We take a quick look at jobs, industry, infrastructure, entertainment and of course dining options!
The Difference: Listing vs Selling
See The Difference between just Listing a Condo and actually SELLING a Condo.
The Condo Assessment Visit
Learn more about our Condo Assessment Visit which will help you get a CLEAR Understanding of the TRUE value of your Condo.
Preview Review 1
An inside look at some of Columbus Ohio's most exciting Condo's & Townhouses.
Preview Review Ep 2: Grandview
Scott reviews an amazing condo in Grandview.
Preview Review Ep 3: Dublin
Scott previews a beautifully re-finished Condo/Patio Home in Dublin, just 2 miles away from Bridge Park.
Preview Review Ep 4: Downtown
Scott previews a stunning downtown condo that truly embraces city living!
Master Class: 1- Mortgage Lending w/Andrew Fleshman
Getting a mortgage to buy a home can seem complicated. We've brought in Andrew Fleshman from Guaranteed Rate Affinity Mortgage to not only help walk you through the process, but also simplify and clarify.