What’s the Difference?

There is a HUGE difference between “LISTING” your Condo & an agent who is committed to actively “SELLING” it.

Why some agents fall short?

Listing a Condo is PASSIVE. Listing means placing a property on the local MLS & Zillow, crossing your fingers, waiting… and waiting… hoping for the best. 

SELLING is active and aggressive. It starts with hiring someone who truly believes in and can clearly articulate the value of your property. SELLING is enthusiastically marketing your Condo to THOUSANDS of qualified buyers. This includes the THOUSANDS of buyers who visit our Website and Social Media Channels every month. The result of SELLING is more showings & more offers. 

We believe in the art formally known as Sales. 

Anyone can LIST your Condo; some can market it. The 614 Condo Store WILL SELL your Condo. 

We are confident that you will not only see, but also feel “The Difference” after meeting with one of our representatives.